Will's Latest Book:
FU Internet is a light hearted romp through some pretty heavy thoughts. It's a collection of five essays and each essay explores the different ways art, society and the individual connect to each other, reflect each other and eventually reject each other.

Essays, Notes and Rants

Someday these essays will be drafted into coherency and published in a book. Someday...
  • Critic's Lament

    A short rant about that the total empty nothing that is modern day video game "journalism".
  • Gamer Goes Hiking

    The world is big, very big, and it's worth looking at, even if it might kill you.

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These are the latest photo albums I've uploaded.

The Stream...

Waiting for a bus
I saw this little thing today


Site Updates

I've finally cleaned up the Waterfall Map enough to make browsing each waterfall much easier. Check it out.

My father and I returned to the main site during drier weather and caught some new pictures of the bridge and the old power generator's foundations. I also added some better photos of the surrounding house ruins as well. Enjoy!

I've finally added an "About" page to the site, which is kind of critical as it's what's going to pass for a mission statement around here.

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Just keep it together until you can get home and work it out with your stereo, much cheaper than a therapist.
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