Lothario Jones

Who  is Lothario Jones?

Whether it's 1983 or 2023 some things will never change. People  do dumb, embarrassing things and other people will try to take advantage of that. Let's face it, it's a puritanical world out there and people are always looking for a fast buck.

So if you find yourself in an embarrassing situation and your reputation is on the line there is help. And when it gets really bad, we call in Lothario Jones, the man who will do whatever it takes to keep your reputation safe!

About the game:

Lothario Jones is both an homage to and hopefully an innovation on the 80s classic Elevator Action.  It requires movement and only two buttons, staying true to the 80s golden era of gaming, but adds in stealth and puzzle solving elements to help bring the action into the new century. Add in an intense alert mode and this is not your dad's typical platform shooter!


We currently have a build available on itch.io that features controller support and better over all performance.