Three Days Of The Rabbit


"There once was a very sad time when the moon covered the sun for three days and the world fell into a deep darkness. And the world cried out as all the joyful, colorful, sweet and light things fell deep into the earth forever lost to the world.  But there was a rabbit who knew that with great sacrifice, she could save the wonderful things of the world and bring them back from the darkness. 

This is her story..."

Three Days Of The Rabbit is a casual platformer with hand drawn and water color graphics that celebrate the coming of spring.  Offering relaxed, casual game play  with engaging brightly colored graphics, this game is great for kids of all ages 4 and up.  With full controller support, Three Days of The Rabbit is great on the couch as well as at the computer.

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Watch The Commentary Play Through

Story Lead and music composer Will Leamon plays all nine levels of Three Days Of The Rabbit while talking about the game's development and the production of the score.

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