About 706gaming.org:


I’m Will Leamon and I make music for video games.

In fact, I really, really like to make music for video games and I really enjoy the self-inflicted pressure of a game jam. But let’s face it, I’m a middle-aged dude with a boring day job and a few other projects around me as well. In the parlance of our times, when it comes to hustle, I ain’t got none. So, me and game jamming are a perfect fit.

Except about a year ago every blog, podcast and music website started pitching video games as the next fast way to “get into the industry”. Let me tell you this is nothing but click-bait, the fastest way into the industry is to make background music for licensing companies… but I digress. The net result of all this hype is that every game jam is now flooded with people who make music and have a lot of hustle too. We are an open bunch of people in the jam community and these producers are more than welcome to join in. But it’s getting hard to stand out these days and actually get on a team.

So that’s the basic reason this site exists – to be of better service to our crazy-ass game community and hopefully keep making cool funky little games in the process! So, if you’ve got a jam coming up or you’ve got a project, passion and no money hit me up for some music – I’d love to help.

Xoxo – Will.

PS Watch the Rabbit Suite video. I go into a lot more detail about how I make game music and all the cool things you can do with it when the jam is over. 

About Coffee – Chocolate – Music – Games

This is in fact the meaning of life, somewhere these things are numbers and those numbers add up to 42. Now if one interprets coffee as strength and chocolate as love it is then up to the player to figure out the other two. A life without any one of the four is a life lived in the gray.  

About the whole 706 thing:

it’s the area code where we are located both physically and spiritually.