About The Site:

When I was at college I wrote a paper on slave revolts in the Caribbean. I’ve since lost the paper, much to my chagrin, and I don’t even really remember much about it. One element of it though has etched itself into my memory. I came across the story of a man, whose name I cannot remember. He was important to me because he had left a diary behind of his life on a remote plantation on the Island of Jamaica. This was a rare primary source of information from an actual plantation worker who could read and write. Now this man was a sadist, a rapist and probably a murderer too and he took great pains to make sure someone, somewhere knew about his atrocities.

This slave-master, foreman would be a better term really, was a really vicious and awful person. Yet here I was spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to pour through his bitter virtues to find some truth concerning the human condition. So the thoughts and deeds of this degenerate become something of value through the application of history. This then is the power of the primary source, a power to transcend time and add to the historical record of mankind without the need for prestige, fame or even honor

So 706Ganing is my primary source material for those of you hundreds of years in the future who are now trying to piece together how it could have gotten so bad, how it all fell apart and finally how the F to put it all back together again. So if you want to know the thoughts, actions and reflections of an inveterate 30 year gamer here in the very early third millennium of human history you’ve come to the right place.

In the early decades of the 21st century there is a culture war going on. I’m not going to defend that statement here but know gentle reader that I at least believe it sincerely. As with all wars, this culture war is also full of hustlers and profiteers seeking their own gain at the expense of all combatants, regardless of side or cause. These social-hustlers have now trained their sites on a cultural element known as Gamers. In a blatant attempt at cultural hegemony, they have sought to give definition to this cultural group before that group can find its own identity. In an attempt to silence this group the social-hustlers have branded them racists, misogynists, regressives and a whole host of other condemnations.

Now another faction of social-hustlers is here to brand this proto-group in another light, that of some modern right-wing insurgency. I won’t lie, I was raised pretty hardcore conservative and definitely now live a joyous life a bit right of center.  I still strongly oppose the politicization of the act of playing video games in either a left or right direction. It is my firm conviction that there is no other binding element to this group of “gamers” than the act of playing video games. Just as left-wing totalitarians and right-wing social moralists both seem to love golf, Gamers span the spectrum.

In short the act of playing video games, much like playing a sport or going to the theatre, is a unifying act not a divisive one.

So, as far as this website is concerned let me say this. I have been one of these “gamers” my whole life. Make of that and what follows here what you will. 


About the 706 Area Code:

The territory covered by the 706 area code, and such the territory this site covers, basically includes all of North Georgia save for the area around Atlanta. If you glance at the map you will see it is quite a ridiculous territory with a full-fledged satellite location  to the southwest. I’m thankful for that satellite territory though because it means I get to cover the Roosevelt State Park as part of the wanderings that go on around here.

The area is mostly small farms, mountains, rivers, junked cars and Dollar General, which suits me just fine. The city of Atlanta of course pretends to be a major city and it is nearby to me. My actual base of operations is the People’s Republic of Athensistan but the site doesn’t dwell on these areas too much. Mostly I have a day job in the one and catch touring shows in the other. Other than that this site is all about the small, natural, seasonal things that you can find outside and the videogames and cats that are so fun to come home to.

Questions, comments but no grief or hate are welcome here: will at thrill a hill dot com.