Dad's Camry Fords A Creek


So here's the thing, creeks in the 706 tend to cross the street (both unpaved AND paved) and your mapping software (in my case Google and CoPilot) won't really go out of their way to warn you of this. So take this example, you MUST ford the creek in the video to get to Blue Hole Falls and High Shoals Falls. You don't HAVE to, but if you go the other way it's about twice as long and you have to ford not one but THREE creeks. So in the end you must cross this creek. I've been here twice, once in the Besotted Camry which due to the deer incident has no skid plate under it. So there's no way I'm dragging that through a creek. So on my first trip I parked the car, forded the creek and then attempted to hike 1.5 miles up a mountain to the trail head.

I did not make it but plenty of older model passenger cars did.

When I came back it was in Dad's Camry (which is in fact my Camry too but it will always be known as Dad's Camry) which has its skid plate. When we got to the creek, many many people had parked and attempted the hike. So i will warn you people if you in fact survive that 1.5 mile hike UP the mountain, you will then hike 1.5 miles DOWN the mountain to see the waterfalls. Then you're going to do that all over again in reverse. Your car can make it! This video is the proof. A stock 2010 Camry, plowing through a decently wide creek. And by the way, that's just steam coming out from the tire well - I'm assuming it's my hot brakes taking a bath.

A couple of caveats: Once across I let the car sit running for a few minutes so those brakes could dry out a bit and I HAVE NO CLUE IF ELECTRIC/HYBRID cars can do this but something tells me that's going to be a hell no!