Pastor In A Clown Wig
I have this issue with Atheists, well I have a lot of issues with Atheists but nothing that would prevent me from being sociable or capitalizing their names. For a group of intensely serious people, they do carry around what seems to be quite of bit of silly baggage. Sort of like some dour old parson of colonial times who strangely lugs around a colorful bindle containing a clown costume, makeup and wig with him. This bindle is needless to the parson as is much of the Atheist's baggage.
Let's just look at one notion in particular though as it's the only one anyone, and especially Atheists, really care about: Death. So, what happens when you die? To every single Atheist I've ever met the answer is: nothing. The lights go out, the chest cavity collapses, a curse is perhaps muttered and then... nothing. That's it, decomp sets in, physics, microbes and vultures do their thing and life goes on... for the living. Needless to say, this is something of a hard sell for the Atheist and tends to support that dour, intensely serious smell Atheists give off.
But like a clown wig on a pastor, it's hilariously needless. Some scientist, who probably believed in God, once propounded that matter, and energy, are neither created nor destroyed. I believe this is universally taken as fact along with other notions like gravity is not wet and siphons don't rely on atmospheric pressure to function. So why do Atheists constantly try to defend the “nothing” answer to the riddle of death? Why not just throw your hands in the air and state “I don't know what happens next, but matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed”. The idea here is that whatever animated the individual in life, whether it be matter or energy, went somewhere and presumably to do something. It's an easy way out for the Atheist and if I, a believer -gasp-, can figure this out, I'm sure some clever Atheist has figured it out as well. So, to use the modern parlance of our time, why hasn't this notion gained any traction?
I can't say I have an answer to why some Atheists don't like the thought of eternity. This is because I am not an Atheist. But if I have to guess, right now in the early morning as I look out my office window, I would have to say it's got something to do with our outrageous moral and physical laziness. To hold the concept that death is the end of matter and action, in flagrant defiance of both God and Science, must somehow lie in the belief that this sort of end is valuable. In short, one can only defend such a philosophic assumption because one wants and hopes for such an end. I hope the reader will take it as a note of hope and optimism that my instinct tells me this can only be born of a most malignant and abhorrent laziness, if not a sort of hatred against action in and of itself.
Damn, that's kind of judge-y though, well pre-apologies all around then.