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The only requirement for this jam was it had to involve music in some way or another and Magic On The Dance Floor was the result. I was the project lead on this one and I designed it along with producing all of the audio. 

While we had a massive (for a jam) two weeks to work on this it was still hard to live up to expectations. This was a big jam with almost 100 entries and a bunch of streamers were invited to weigh in. Let's just say that my already low opinion of most streamers was only vindicated. They marked us down for not "syncing" the moves with the music which completely disregarded the fact that we were a three man team spread over the U.S. the Balkans and Scandinavia and "syncing" would have taken us weeks. It's a no holds barred attitude out there in Jam Land folks, and there's not much return on your investment. 

Best to know that going in.