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The Journey So Far...

  • Back in the day I tried to learn a (pirated) program called 3D Studio Max. I loved it but would never be able to afford it or the computer that could actually run it.
  • Then WTF 20 years passed and all of that changed in ways no one could predict. The software is free, the hardware is cheap, I'm looking down the barrel of 50 so here we go once more into the breach.
  • I've done a bunch of gam jams for music - now I'd like to produce music, or graphics or both.
  • I'm looking forward to featuring whatever game jams come up on The Game Jammer's Jam
  • I'm looking to help out with any game jam or project around but I'm focusing on low-poly work right now because the game I want to make (eventually) is definitely low-poly. For now I'm describing it as "Double Fine meets Tim Burton and they lose a fight to Trent Reznor".
    • If you understand that and it makes you laugh... we should talk.
  • If you'd like to chat about a jam or project, hit my discord here