Game Works

I like to fill the time between releases doing game jams and helping friends finish their projects and some of that material invariably merges into the live stuff too. Follow along with our adventures in gaming here.

Video Games

I composed the music for all of these games.

Gotta Get To Class

Me and CROMartin team up again and chew through no less than three artists in the pursuit of our game Gotta Get To Class

Tiles of Doom & Archer's Trial

My second game jam, in which I join two teams and come out all right. (Alternate title - Will Makes Peace With Chiptune).


Game Music

These are tracks for games that died on the vine.

Magic On The Dance Floor!

Magic On The Dance Floor is about wizards who have a dance off. It will come as no surprise that MOTD is the first video game I pulled out of thin air.