OMG this site is a total and complete mess right now please bear with me.
Hi, my name is Will and I like to make music and videogames and I'm really happy when making music for videogames.
You'll find a lot of stuff rooted in that passion here and I also have a book out called "Gamer Goes Hiking"

Latest Photo Albums

These are the latest photo albums I've uploaded.

Other Cool Stuff

Listen to music I've made for video games and other social projects.

I like to make my own synths (Combinators) in Reason and share them. Sample and download them here.

I started game jamming in August of '18 and love it. If you're putting a team together don't hesitate to hit me up!

When a game jam or project doesn't make it to completion and turns into vaporware, it's a real bummer. But then I found OpenGameArt and I post those "lost" projects there for anyone to use. All of my stuff is under the OGA3.0 license which means you can use it free for any project commercial or non-commercial. Follow me on Twitter for updates when I add new stuff to OGA. 


Video Games

I composed the music for all of these games.

Gotta Get To Class

Me and CROMartin team up again and chew through no less than three artists in the pursuit of our game Gotta Get To Class

Tiles of Doom & Archer's Trial

My second game jam, in which I join two teams and come out all right. (Alternate title - Will Makes Peace With Chiptune).


I have an album out on Spotify and just about every other music site on the planet. Visit or just click the image above for streaming links, videos and more!


Though this site is really the only place to be, I'm on these social networks too... 
About The Author:
Will Leamon is a guy who plays video games in and around the 706 area code. He's also a producer of a variety of content types and media. This is his totally narcissistic bit of faff on the internet where he posts about the nonsense he gets in to. He owns a shop with no name and Tire Swing Studio, a two room digital audio production suite.  He composes modern chamber music as £400 Hacker and is a producer / composer for the video game development project Team WizBeatz.
If you read this book, it will make you feel smart – especially if you like to play video games. In it you will read essays and discover:
  • Gaming and Going Outside are not in fact mutually exclusive.
  • Playing video games is actually more fun than going to work.
  • Constant failure serves as a point of revelation.
  • Some insight to the rough future ahead.