Tallulah Falls

Note: To see these falls you have to come on certain days of the year when GA Power opens their dam and lets the water flow through Tallulah Gorge.

A Little History:

Yeah so I've got a beef with the State of Georgia and Georgia Power (A Southern Company, but formerly a state institution) over Tallulah Gorge. See, back when they wanted to "modernize" us southerners around the Great Depression, it was decided that we needed a hydroelectric power facility right in the shadow of the TVA (which I believe is where most of our power comes from now). So the high minded progressives dammed up the falls, built their tiny little hydroelectric plant and then immediately threw hydro under the bus for coal. COAL!

But did they tear the dam down? No, thanks to state and federal subsidies GA Power finds it convenient to keep the plant running. So you can only see the falls a few weekends out of the year. And most of those weekends are during "leaf season" so you better be prepared for rude Atlantans. Get there early, seriously, like DAWN early. (Park opens at 8:00am) because on white water release days (politics and cultural genocide aside) Tallulah Falls simply cannot be missed!