Hiking Tennessee Rock Trail

Tennessee Rock Trail is a part of the Black Rock Mountain State Park in Clayton County, Georgia. It's a loop and if you go one way you're in for a grueling 2.5 mile hike that mostly works it way up, and up and up. You can see in the pictures that the trail is quite narrow and there are some hazards to face. Officially the trail is classed as Moderate to Difficult, and I can go along with that. Though I know some more experienced hikers who would consider it just "Moderate", but only you can judge. Going in this direction (follow the markers in ascending order, 1,2,3,4) is tough it does crescendo into a spectacular view of Tennessee! Of course if you're feeling a bit wimpy, but still looking for a good vista, go counter-clockwise on the loop (descending markers 25, 24, 23...) and you'll get to the view without much trouble.

I quite enjoyed this hike, but it was just about the peak of my hiking ability. So I know I'll return from time to time to test my limits and hopefully grow them. There is after all a 7 mile hike at Black Rock as well...

Here's the map of my hike: