Historic Sports Car Racing 2018

I have to admit something here, I don't actually stay for the races at these events but come to watch qualifying instead. This is mainly because qualifying takes place early in the morning which means I can get out to the track and see the cars in the cooler weather and without much of a crowd around. In this instance me and about 30 other spectators had the whole track to ourselves which was completely awesome. Also, the drivers at this specific event (and most other smaller racers) are rich doctors and dentists who I've never heard of and will probably never hear of again. I can't seem to get excited about finding out which of them is faster around a race track. 

But damn I do love the cars and I'm thankful to these guys for sharing them with us instead of keeping them locked up in some glass box like Cameron's dad in Ferris Bueller.

Also hats off to a really nice (HSR official) photographer named Patrick who was good enough to give me the rundown of the day's events and also clued me in on how to park my car in the paddock area. Although my poor Camry did feel a little insecure around all those historic beauties. You can find his much, much better pictures of the event at http://www.sparkplugsociety.com and follow him on Instant Grandma here.

This gallery is simply a "best of" collection of all the pictures I took that day. Here's the complete set.

Shots from the paddock early that morning

Individual cars on track

Groups of cars on track.