Petite Le Mans 2018

I wanted to attend the Petite Le Mans at Road Atlanta for Saturday's endurance race (the actual PLM) and Friday because there's a bunch of cool stuff going on then too. 

I bought this really cool chair with its own built in sun shade and then completely forgot to put on sunblock as well. So as I watched the events of Friday I did not notice my arms and neck turning bright red. I only noticed when the bright red turned dark and a familiar burning / itching sensation started. I absolutely hate a sunburn so sadly I had to leave before qualifying even began. Then came Saturday and as soon as the soon sun came up I felt like crap, maybe borderline heat exhaustion, so I came home before the race even started. 

All of that sounds really sad (pathetic on my part more accurately) but I would like to say that I think Friday is the best day of PLM. I saw the Prototypes duke it out for two hours by themselves which was awesome. I then saw the Porsche GT3 race which was also awesome, though a bit German for my taste ;) After that the full field came out for the last practice session which was great. Then there was a really awesome sports car race which is something you will only see on Friday. I only wish I could have made it through qualifying instead of being an idiot. 

The crowd is much smaller and a lot friendlier (everyone is not only rich enough to afford the $90 ticket but can also take the day off), I don't mean to get classist but it really does produce a laid back feeling around the track. I saw a lot of dads pulling their kids out of school too, which I think is very special indeed. The Fan Zone is also far more accessible and the people manning it have more time for this nerd's questions, for which I am very thankful! So Friday at PLM rocks, you should definitely check it out if you can!

The pictures above are just the "best of" for the over 500 pictures I took. Here are some more galleries covering these events in more detail.

Photos from the Porsche GT3 solo race Friday Morning.

Photos from the mid-morning practice session for the whole field (P, GTLM & GTD).

Photos From the Fox Sports Car Race Friday Afternoon.