The Ruins of Scull Shoals - Main Site

(This collection is part of my Scull Shoals Interactive Map Project which hopes to geo-document the long abandoned village that was once home to Georgia's first papermill...) 

This is what I call the "Main Site" at Scull Shoals. It's the most tourist friendly as you can park within site of the ruins. Here you'll find what most people expect when you say ruins, clear lines, crumbling walls, obvious buildings. The main structure is an old warehouse / storage house and if you look further you'll also find the foundations of a couple of houses. The area is right on the creek and so you might run into some fishermen, who need to step it up in the civility department.  

There's an arched bridge to the left of the parking lot that research indicates leads to more ruins, but every time i visit the area is flooded. You'll see the bridge in these photos and look at the waterline!