Scull Shoals Hike 1

Scull Shoals is a historic site in the 706 area code that's about to be washed away - but more on that later. It's a pretty big site as it used to be an entire town and there's plenty of hiking opportunities. The only thing is, the area is just a bit creepy as you will see in these pictures. Bear in mind though that when I took these it was a pretty bleak day, overcast with lots of spooky soft light. Be that as it may, it doesn't make up for the Rose Creek being a bit of a damp wasteland. This hike is begins with a great big closed door, it then reaches what is obviously a parking lot and yet another closed door. It then ends in a pine straw laden foot path which may or may not be Native American burial mounds. 

I also found what is most certainly some ruin from the historical site, which for now I am guessing is known as the  "Two Chimneys". I'll post a separate batch of photos for that but I included one here just for thoroughness.

More on all of this later.