Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

Yeah the graffiti pisses me off too. But you know what's worse? The fact that this bridge is a part of the tourist attraction known as "Helen Georgia". For some reason someone thought it would be cute to build a replica Austrian village in the midst of what was once Cherokee land. It's stupid and ridiculous but I loved it as a kid and when I drive through it now I see a lot more kids enjoying it as well. But the heart and soul of the place is pure commerce, literally the only thing you can do in Helen proper is eat, drink and buy stuff. 

So lumped in with all that is this poor, forgotten covered bridge where kids clearly go to smoke meth and spray-paint stupid nonsense all over the place. All I'm saying is that Helen GA has more than enough money to drop a couple of lights and maybe a sweet infrared camera setup to cover the bridge at anytime, day or night. Either that or let someone move it into a state park where it can be protected.