The Racing Console

We built this custom desk specifically to mount our aging wheel and pedals set up. This is because there is nothing between a twin-stick controller set up (on the couch, what you're used to seeing) and a ridiculous $5,000 e-sim setup that also wants to take up an entire room of the house. So Will fired up the shop and came up with this guy. Just like the Cabinet Console though, it is nowhere near done and is in place so we can suss out stuff like wire routing and wall mounting. Someday we'll not only finish it but paint it too! Imagine that. 

The goal here was to build something solid (it's bolted to the wall) but still relatively at home in a... home. Admittedly we keep this thing in the 706Gaming HQ along with our game table and cabinet console, but the wheel comes off pretty easy and you can use it as a general purpose desk. We also use it as a place to play most keyboard / mouse games as well (XCOM and Civilization being the biggies).

Quick Notes:

  • The Nyne speaker routes audio from living room to right under the monitor, pretty much a requirement for the driver but also allows for guests to watch sitting on the couch looking at the big screen.
  • The monitor is only temporary until we catch up with VR.
  • The cell phone to the right is the car's stereo. It connects with our media center software and controls music playing on the main system.