The Cabinet Console

Our cabinet console in 706G's secret HQ is still very much a work in progress. Work has been delayed since Star and I are taking our time working out our design principles. The cabinet was originally meant to be a garish recreation of my youth in the 80s but the more we worked on it the lamer that idea became. Then Martin and I made Three Days of the Rabbit and I got to play the arcade game I built on the cabinet console I built, which was an earth-shaking good experience for me. Why did we ever give this form factor up? Star and I decided THAT was the mistake and now we hope to address.
Read on to join in on the madness.
(Btw Star is one of my cats, but you can call her Bear Bear)

The Cabinet Blog:

The Specs:

The Structure was custom built on our shop:

  • The chassis is framed in 2x4 trimmed to 1.5" square pieces.
  • The console and "top" are both common pine 1x12.
  • Oak paneling is used for the "skin" as that will take paint better than Revply
  • Mounted to the wall so you can get properly jiggy with it.

The PC is a custom build mounted in the chassis:

  • Intel Quad Core
  • 16 Gig of Ram
  • Onboard Graphics / Sound
  • Mayflash Arcade Stick with 8 buttons / an old xbox360 wired controller.
  • A rando Dell monitor I picked up on the cheap.
  • Usually runs on Wifi but we run GigE to it when streaming.