Tire Swing Studio

Tire Swing Photo Tour

It began with MoonStar Studio which Will built in his home. An album and a bunch of projects later and we decided to upgrade to a new studio mostly to have a a room tuned for mixing and mastering.

First we had to find the building which took a bit of time. We also had to find something we could afford so of course it had to be a fixer-upper. Our buddy and real estate whiz Cord helped us find the perfect spot.

The previous owner had seriously damaged it knocking out a wall but you could see it at first glance that it was the best set up. Rebuild that wall and you have space for a workshop AND a studio. So we built-out the workshop first so we could use it to build the wall separating the two rooms. Once that was done the considerable time and expense of building Tire Swing could began. All of that took about a year to really build, set up and test but we are finally done and Tire Swing Studio is in daily use.

We use Tire Swing mostly for mixing and mastering audio projects (Will still has MoonStar where he writes and rehearses). A digital piano and drum set are also available to help us with recording MIDI performances and hiring outside musicians for projects. The control room has also been treated for voice work where we record dialogue and voice overs for video games.

Tire Swing is not a publicly available studio and does not provide for hire services.

The Specs:

Tire Swing Studio is a two room audio recording / mixing / mastering studio in Athens GA.

It features::

  • 16 channels in and 8 channels out.
  • 8 channels of phantom power.
  • 2 direct channels for guitar amp modeling
  • 24bit / 96kHz digital audio recording.
  • Interface by Tascam, Controllers by Akai
  • Monitors by Klipsch

The studio is pleased to rely on software from:

  • Ableton
  • Propellerhead
  • Garritan
  • Waves
  • XLN Audio
  • Ample Guitar