The Game Jammer's Jam

Episode 2: Light In The Dark

Music from a Halloween Jam about unseen monsters hidden in the darkness. 

Want to know more about music for video games?

Check out "The Rabbit Suite"

Composer / Producer Will Leamon will tell you all about it.

Welcome to the Game Jammer’s Jam

The GJJ is an audio / visual escapist fantasy from producer Will Leamon and Thrillahill Productions. It hopes to provide a relaxed yet engaging experience to help you escape from, or come down off, the excitements and anxieties that plague the day 
The Music
The Jam’s music comes from mashing up the music from almost two dozen game jams over the past three years. The goal is to give these musical stems a second life mixed together and then ultimately become an entirely unique piece music. 
The Visuals
The Jam is based in video game music. Video game  music comes from the visual and story elements of the game. So the Jam really demands a visual component. Fortunately developing new techniques in Blender and After Effects produces many a “homeless” video that can be given more life here.  
The Producer
Everything about the GJJ comes from a guy who likes animals alot but especially his and everyone else’s cats. He cooks, bakes and knows his way around an espresso machine. He’s also been producing art in one form or another for more than 25 years and is also known as £400 Hacker - but mostly to some high school kids in Indiana.