The Runaway (A Pitch)

“The Runaway” was my entry for the OST Composing Jam 4. The challenge was to take a picture and a word, imagine a game inspired by them and then produce the score for that game. 

I came up with the prelude for a game that involves fleeing the city into a “Barrier Forest” and the adventures that ensue. 

The Prompt:


This jam combined two of my favorite activities in making a video game - producing the music and coming up with the story and the world that story takes place in. 

Music can help define that world and story in ways words and pictures cannot. I really like this game and hope to produce it someday. I’m a big fan of the Just Cause Series (no, not 4 - I said I was a fan) and the Shadow of Mordor series and see this in the same vein. If you’re into that sort of thing, look me up - maybe we can push this project forward some?

This jam was a really fun way of developing something beyond an “elevator pitch”, a bit more like being stuck at the tire shop together versus being stuck in an elevator together. I look forward to doing more like this, just without the crunch and anxiety of a jam’s deadline!