The Mechanic Runs

This was a good one for me as I did a lot of sound design for this.

All of the instruments are custom made by me myself and I. I relied on Splice to use industrial sounds for the drums. Other than a 808 kick sound, the rest is air ratchets, button toggles, compressor hisses and what not.

The other instruments, keys, bass and horns are all Reason Combinators I came up with and have / will post to the Instruments section of the site. Sadly I can't post the Ableton Drum rack for the drums as Splice would get pretty snitty about me giving away their stuff without a license.

(This "song" doesn't actually exist in the game. Instead as the player advances through the playfield, the component stems get more and more intense. So you'd have to be a pretty good player to hear all of the music. So I come up with these "stem songs" just to demonstrate the full effect. I use the "player loses" stem as the quick bridge in the middle and "player wins" stem for the end. I'll post a link to the game just as soon as the team posts it to Right now we still have a few hours left for tweaks.)