We worked together on various game jams for two years and then decided to make our own games on our own time.

So here we are now with three games in various stages of active development. We're not looking to produce AAA titles, but we love arcade action style gaming, retro-graphics and old-school sensibilities. We also think there's an enthusiastic market for that kind of game in the digital store fronts in the sub <$8 price range - and that's where we hope to be of service to the gaming community.

Three Days of the Rabbit is a nine level platformer for kids ages 3 and up. It is a celebration of spring in color, movement and music. Now available on itch.io

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Lothario Jones began life as an entrant in the Dream Arcade Jam but is now in the full development cycle. It has a playable demo available while we hash through the other nine levels and their stories.

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Dark Frontier is our long-term project intended for Steam's early access. It is an arcade action RPG with narrative story elements and is still very much in the design stage.

More info coming soon...

What's happening now?

  • We're all taking a well deserved break after releasing Three Days of the Rabbit followed pretty much back to back with Ludum Dare 46 and Dream Arcade jams.
  • We are plotting out the story and basic level designs for Lothario Jones' other eight levels.
  • Tweaking LJ's playable demo.