These are games that we not only made the music for but Will acted as lead narrative designer as well. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to make a game so progress is always slow but we're always pushing ahead with the music for these games because it gives an opportunity to explore the narrative side of a game while we wait for the much harder art and programming work to happen. 

All this started when three guys, Martin, Thomas and Will, got together to make a game about wizards competing in a dance off. The world was never the same again. Click Here To Learn More

Three Days of the Rabbit is a nine level platformer for kids ages 3 and up. It is a celebration of spring in color, movement and music. Now available on itch.io - Click here to learn more.

Lothario Jones is Thomas and Will's love letter to Elevator Action. Martin's too young to remember those days but acts as a nice fresh voice to counter two old gaming fogeys. (For the record Thomas and I are not that old -W) - Click here to learn more.

Dark Frontier is a Will Leamon passion project that's looking for a lead dev and artist. It's an ARPG based on an alternative history of the Gallic Wars (that's Caesar marauding his way through what is now France). Druidic magic is being exploited bringing a darkness upon the frontier between a ruthless social order and the savagery of the forest. More info coming soon...